Friday, September 2, 2016


I thought I had heard all the crap music, seen all the crap theater and wasted all the time I was ever going to waste....... Until tonight.
We had Cultura Nova at the castle, and a performance of the picnic horrific..... I use the term performance loosely, and the horrific part was spot on!

On top of that, the organizer  scored some major bonus points as far as I'm concerned..... About 5 minutes after the performance started, the catering crew left, and I was wondering why, and was told.... Well, these people get paid, so if there's nothing for them to do, we send them home. If they were volunteers, it would be a different story, we could keep them here, not a problem. WTF? It perfectly illustrates how people think about volunteers. You're just useful, besides that, you're crap to them..... You know I love the project, I think it's very unique, very worthwhile, and I will do anything I can, to help, but besides giving tours, I'm pretty much done with it. This shit with... you do it, but I'll tell you how, while I'm trying to start my business, the partners that are supposed to help the project, using the volunteers as well as the project to further whatever it is they want to further, and the project doesn't get anything out of it..... I'm pretty disgusted right now. You sign up to be here, with no instructions, whatever, no one is reachable, and you're on your own ..... and I could go on a bit, but I won't.

I have 3 more boards to make for the exhibit. Due yesterday, but thru some major pain in the ass, that at the last minute decided I wasn't doing it right, throwing all kinds of monkey-wrenches and insults, no constructive critisism and only crap my way, and than goes on vacation, the fun is missing. As if I'm not stressed enough yet.

Just in the last 10 days, the Neons ABS went out, and yesterday the KA went thru its brakes. Our vacation got cancelled the day before Mike was supposed to be off, Wednesday I have an appointment with the Taxman, and after that I can figure out if I'm going to work for someone else, or for me. While having a 2 day workweek. I'm not sure how much more fun I can take.

Well, I'm done whining, and sorry to bug you with it but...... Shit happens, I just wish it would go somewhere else every once in a while.....

Don't forget to hug a loved one, and if you could, send a a couple of good thoughts our way?

Love and hugs,

Sunday, August 28, 2016

AH..... BLISS!

This is my idea of an awesome day at work: In a rocker, on the landing of the wolverine habitat, waiting for them to come out and play....

I should be working on my business plan, or the exhibit for the castle, but I'm just vegging. Enjoying the quiet in between visitors, who have no idea what they're missing, when they run up, look around, don't see anything, and leave again. It's been almost 3 hours, and I haven't seen them yet, so the visitors may have a point, but I still think if you're in a zoo to watch animals, you should at least give them a chance to show up :-) If you want them ready and waiting for you at the fence, you really should consider going to a ridingstable.

Internet is available, but I can't even get google to come up, so I'm happily "off line" today. I wonder if I should check  with the cell provider, if the bundle I'm looking for when I'm "official" includes me using my phone to get my laptop online.

The other thing I'm just thinking of is......... If I'm offline, will my "local host" dealy work? That will put a crimp in me coming out to my favorite office to work..... I'll try that out in a little bit. For now, I want to sit, relax and if I drift off......... so be it, as long as I don't drop my laptop that is.

Sitting here, I noticed that the zoo is growing up. There are less bare spots, trees are thicker, and so is the underbrush, and were the wolverines pretty stealthy before, I truly believe they could be right below me in the woods, and I would not see them. Luckily they still have the old paths in use, so maybe I'll get lucky today, and see them. Per the newsletter, they now have a new male to better match up with the female they had put with the older male when his mate died, so I don't know where their favorite spots are yet. I never DID get an answer as to what happened to the old male. He was so funny to watch. Always busy, running this way or another, inquisitive and playful. I couldn't count the times he would haul ass thru the paddock, dissappear, and reappear halfway up a tree. Always the same one, but never from the same route as the last time. I think watching this little guy got my love for them started, and the special Casey Anderson did on them, clinched it. Wolverine will have to go on my list of pets I would love to have and know I can't because they're not quite "cuddle up on a cold winters night" material, and best viewed in their element....... right up there with a wolf, a cougar, a bobcat, a raccoon and a hedgehog.

Clouds are coming in, so I hope it will rain so they'll come out and play, but it's been awfully quiet.......... Even the birds seem to be giving this area a mis.  Upswing is... there's not a whole lot of people here today..It's almost 1, computer is starting to run low on juice, I'm getting hungry and I drank 2 bottles of water (with the customary side effects) so I think I will wander down to the restaurant for relief and a cup of tea and see if they have a plug-in.

Don't forget to hug that loved one?


What's not to love about this office? LOL.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


will I sign up for a course at Scheidegger. What a mess!
I told you about the first half of the course, and some parts of the second half, but the final part is the absolute kicker!

So I turned in my exam, (did I tel you about how easy that was?) and waited. 4 to 6 weeks...... On Thursdaymorning, so the day before the deadline for getting my grade, I got word that my results were in and zipped over to e-connect to see, and just about had a conniption fit!  I failed with a 1 (out of 10 score) Not because I didn't know what I was doing, but because they couldn't open the files I had sent them. I couldn't figure out what was going on with that, because I sent myself an email, with the same zipfile from WeTransfer, and opened it just fine.... And than I realized..... I had never seen a download confirmation that they had actually downloaded the files in the first place, even though I had told them, that the link was only good for a certain number of days AND even put the expirationdate of the link in the email. I did get an email that they had sent the files on to the examiner, but I forgot to ask if they sent him the link, or the actual files. I guess that's on me.......

So I emailed them to ask the WTF!? You wait 6 weeks to tell me you can't open the files, that open just fine for everybody else, by the way, and than fail me? I got no response to that, so I called, and got no response, so I sent them another email......... and got a response! I was amazed. So sorry, don't know what happened, examiner should have let us know, so we could have advised you to resubmit, you have till Monday end of business to send us your exam information. Mind you, this email I get afternoon Friday!. In itself not a problem, but at this time, I have no clue WHY he can't open the files, and if it is the way they're zipped, sending it again, is not going to help, but WILL take a retry for the exam away. So I call, and all I'm told is that he couldn't open it, and they don't know why, and to just send it in, "it will be ok". YEAH RIGHT!!

So I send it in, in loose folders, attached to an email, (which promptly turned it into a googledrive file) with the question if they can see if they can open the files, and let me know, because I don't know why the examiner couldn't open them. I even included the email from a friend, showing that THAT morning, he opened the zip I sent initially, without a problem, so........ Help me out here. (At this time it's after 5, so well after they close for the weekend, and I'm twitching all weekend) Now their email system sends you the per-functionary "we got your mail, and get back to you eventually" message, so I called them Monday morning, probably 5 minutes after they switched the phone off weekend-service to let them know it was there, and could they please check....... They couldn't open the files, but they could check with the examiner, and please hold........  After a couple of minutes, they get back on the phone, they cannot reach the examiner, but they will open up the e-connect exam upload area for me, until the next evening. At this point, I STILL don't know if it is a zipfile thing, or if I deleted one too many files from the baseprogramming, but I'm deciding to roll with it anyway.  So I delete the old files, and upload all the files seperately. Now that's a tricky bit, because, there's an 8  file-upload max AND a total MB max the system wil allow (the reason I tried to streamline the website in the first place) I combine what I can into folders, cross my fingers and hit send.... Monday evening, I go thru what I uploaded with my nieces boyfriend to troubleshoot possible trouble, since we don't know if they can, or why they wouldn't be able to, open the files. He "spare" zips them a couple of ways, even though we both know that a zip is a zip, but hey, at this point we're grasping at straws, he writes me a hash, so they can check if the files corrupt in transfer somehow. I know, at this point, I have done everything I can possibly do to get the files there, and silently vow, if they still can't open them, I'm going to drop them off on a usb-stick taped to a brick, thru the office window. LOL.
So Tuesday morning, I call the office again, and it showed them received and passed on to the examiner. When I told him I was wondering why they couldn't be opened by them, and if maybe it was the specialized programs used to create the files (but I sincerely hoped the examiner would have them installed as well) or if there was a fundamental problem with the files, he was very nice about it, put me on hold and talked to the examiner, and came back on. He didn't seem so upbeat at that point, and when he said: "Your files are with the examiner, he can and has opened them, and your work has his full attention" my heart sank...... I figured he would nitpick it to death, just because I had been a pest! I was told that there would be results posted probably by end of the week, but no later than the end of next week.  Wednesday evening I had my results! I passed! Score of 7 out of 10, so I was extremely pleased with that. Now I can start practicing and learning for real! I'm expecting my diploma in the mail within 10 days!

You know, I'm happy I made it, but I honestly believe that this whole experience should not have been so freaking stressful. It's not the study, it's everything around it that just feels like a sheister operation. I mean, I got the same help from the teacher as if I were doing a "do it yourself" downloadable PDF course.  The books weren't worth the 400Euro's they charged for them, but I guess if they charge the same for books on every course, some courses come out ahead, and some will have more costs than gets taken in, and in the overal picture, the school doesn't lose money on the deal....... I think they actually worked for the 195 Euro I paid to take my exams, but I think they royally overcharged for the teacher to be there! And than there is the fact that they "forgot" to inform me that the course that I picked, was cancelled, sending me double the distance to school etc. etc. etc!

BUT! I MADE IT! Now the fun really starts!  I need to practice so if you have ideas, send them to me, so I have other ideas than my own to work on, but mainly to get me out of my comfort zone. THAT part doesn't take a whole lot at the moment, but still. LOL.

Well, you're updated. Tomorrow I'm going to test my "office at the zoo" and if that works, I'll be working there one day a week, until it gets too cold. Got my spot all picked out. Above the Wolverine pen, there is this deck, with hanging wicker chairs hanging from the ceiling, looking out over the whole area....... THAT'S where you will find me tomorrow, from 10 to 6. Mike will drop me off, go to work, and pick me up (he "hopes to remember to swing by the zoo" LOL) on his way home.....

For folkes reading this, and in the area, we're having a free entry to the castle weekend September 10 and 11, with all kinds of things going on, and I'm in charge of the exhibit about Archeology at the castle! SO MUCH FUN!!  I'm working on getting a Falconer, but not having a lot of luck, the event being 2 weeks away and all. LOL. I'll let you know how it pans out.

Well, it's time to leave you alone, go to market, get some lunch (I've been up since 4.30, so this is lunch time for me :-) Don't forget to hug a loved one and twice when they're the fuzzy variety?

Love and hugs,

Monday, July 25, 2016

If we could think of this.....

why didn't the "powers that be"?

The EU rules and regulations are really starting to grate at me. They're so stupid!
Case in point: PRIVACY. You're being bombarded with any kind of hurdle when you're on the internet because of privacy rules. There's site that don't even function because of the cookie messages, if you click no, you can't even go there, some are put together so bad, that there's no button or anything to click off the cookie message, some have it where it comes up everytime you switch pages. It's enough to make me stop using the internet sometimes. I don't know what they're protecting, because the marketing people are now starting to put way worse intruders up, that are not cookies, but they collect things as to what computer you're using, including the programs you have on them.... How small is the step to checking the data that's IN the programs!? Cookies you can block, these things you cannot!

Besides THAT point, if they don't want businesses to know where you are, why is every phone equipped with a tracker, your bankcard (chip MANDATORY) has identifiers on it, not just your bank account and tracks what you buy, the customer savings cards track what you buy, when and in which store and most people that are whining about privacy show off their whole life on facebook, twitter and what have you.

However: Hanging camera's to protect monuments is agains EU privacy rules! We have had Hunnebedden (which are stone-age burial mounds) destroyed but nothing can be done about it, because "camera's are an intrusion on people's privacy". BULLCOOKIES! If you're just enjoying the monuments, you have nothing to worry about, if you're there to damage the monument, you SHOULD be on camera! And for all I care, it should be broadcasted.

After the shooting in Munich the other day, the policemen's faces were clearly shown, but the moron holding the gun was blurred out, for privacy reasons..... Give me  a break. There's no shadow of a doubt that he's the shooter, he's holding the freaking gun and pointing it at people! Show his face, so we know who we're dealing with.  Ive seen it before, where they ask help to a crime, there is a video where the people they're looking for are clearly visible, but the faces of the criminals are blurred out..... WTF!? What's the sense in that? How can any one identify someone that way?

On the other hand, if there is money to be made, the powers that be don't give a hootennannie about privacy. The work that the shop owners have to do to sell in EU is unreal. And it doesn't even matter where you call home. If you're in EU borders........ they'll take your information, including things that website cookies will never get their hands on, and it has to be saved for 10 years!! It is killing small businesses. Heck, it would kill a medium size business. If they figured that it would bring back brick-and-mortar stores, they went about it the wrong way, all it's doing is killing off the little guy that wants to do his thing. I don't even think that it gives any more revenue, because I've seen too many of the scrapbook shops close over the last 2 years.

I copied the notice that was posted for EU customers, it's the first time I've seen it spelled out like this clearly.

EU VAT Changes
It truly saddens us to have to exclude our EU vistors from purchases in the store. I have been searching daily since this has come to my attention for alternatives and a way to continue to take payments from EU countries, but so far have not found anything that is really a feasible time or financial option.
I have not given up yet, and am still trying to look for alternatives that will work again in the future...
EU vistors can still use the store to "order" free items, and any order that results in a zero balance at checkout either with a discount coupon or gift certificate balance. 

At this time though we are just not able to accept orders that require a payment from EU countries - in addition to managing time wise to collect the tax and remit it and required data several times throughout the year which all cost time and money for 28 countries (and even more individual zones), I would need to securely collect and hold several types of verified collaborating personal information to prove where the person purchasing is at the exact time they made the purchase (not necessarily where they live), for each EU customer on each EU sale and keep all of that data securely (again a cost factor) for *10 years* - or I could be fined an unlimited fine - from each country if for some reason the data was not correct or to their standard. It's not a risk that bears taking at this. There is no minimum threshold on sales for this law either, so for even just one dollar, or less, of sales in a specific EU country I would have to collect and submit tax and information.

I suggest everyone who canneeds to contact your tax representives or officials and let them know the burden this places on micro businesses, work from home businesses, mom businesses, kitchen table businesses, and craft businesses, and how it limits the resources available to you. The more people speak out the more the law may be reconsidered / rewritten and some of the burden lifted for those in micro markets like ours. We aren't anywhere near the likes of Amazon, Apple, Android, etc that this law seems to be geared towards and we simply cannot afford at this time to take on the financial obligation to majorly modify site coding, to catch all EU sales prior to payment to collect and verify several collaborating personally identifying factors, secure storage to hold identifiable data for 10 years on each order, or pay for outsourcing services to manage those international taxes and secure information.
Many designers and even site owners make only supplemental income, not even "minimum wage" at times... Our market is so competitive with huge discounts. Many designers sell quality packs at only a few dollars (or less sometimes)... But many do it because they absolutely love it; the creative outlet it provides and seeing the beautiful uses that come from their passion, and because the choice to supplement their families income is better than an alternative in their life, or no job at all. Most don't even meet income levels that are considered anywhere near average for a "small" business.
If circumstances change or a reasonable financial and store coding solution becomes an option we would LOVE to be able to open the store back up to EU customers. We love our EU friends and wish this was not a burden affecting any of us.
Help us take action and get this law changed into something manageable for micro businesses selling inside and outside the EU... This affects you no matter what country you are in as the EU expects sellers across the world no matter their business size to collect VAT tax, remit it to 28 countries, and hold the verifying information on the sales for 10 years. Contact your local tax authority, where ever you are, and get your voice heard! At a minimum we need reasonable thresholds before tax collection become a requirement. And hopefully we will see even more changes happen that benefit everyone.

Just a thought. Books are calling, so I'll sign off. The 10 minutes of "go see what's new in the scrapbook world" turned into half hour, and a bad mood, so I probably should take our fuzzy roommate for a walk and make a huge cup of tea before I start "work" for the day :-)

Hope to catch you all later, in a better mood, and with exam results.
Don't forget to hug a loved one?


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Exam is turned in, I'm fried (physically and mentally), tired and on to the next foik in the road. LOL

Last week I was at my sisters, and very unexpectedly received a crash-course in PHP. My biggest nemesis in getting my exam turned in. I just couldn't get my head around what was in the book vs what was expected in the exam, but by the end of the night, I more or less "got it" enough to put the required form together. After that, I had to put everything together into a cohesive assignment, check, double check and for my own peace of mind check it again, and make sure I didn't miss some little thing that would turn around and bite me, and I was ready to mail it out 2 hours before deadline. Not that I'm slow or nothing, but the site where I had to upload the packet had some issues and it took about 3 hours to get it there, where after I freaked out with the "what if!?" thought, and send it straight to the school office, with an explanation that I really didn't trust the first try.  It really gets me, the week that all exams are due, they completely revamp the website! Nothing works the same, if it works at all, and there you are, sweating that you get your things to where they have to go, so you can graduate.......  Go figure!

Sunday, as promised we went to Bokrijk. WE HAD A BLAST, got blisters, sunburn and were in bed by 8, but it was so much fun! The old breeds was kind of a bust, because the one stand that had information didn't want to give any, after they found out that a) I was from Holland, and thus for some odd reason wouldn't be interested in preserving old breeds from Belgium and b) referring back to a, I wanted information on Dutch breeds, and they didn't have any. I couldn't get across that I was interested in any old breed, because the older the breed, the better for our castle, whether it was Dutch or Belgian, because, let's face it, in 1650 both were Spanish. LOL. Supposedly, there were several groups of the old breeds in the park, but they weren't marked as such, and I found out almost at the end of the day, that all the animals in the park are actually old breeds.... I found a book, I wouldn't mind getting into the store at the castle, so I took a picture of it.  There were a couple of things that made this day absolutely perfect.............
- I had my buddy all to myself.... No TV, no computer, not even a phone, because that's on my sisters' dinnertable, right where I left it!
- We were in our favorite place, outside and amongst other old things.
- We talked, like we haven't talked to each other since I started my study, and just enjoyed each others' company.
- The weather was nice, although it seemed a lot hotter than the 82 that was predicted, but there was a little bit of overcast, so we didn't get the full sunblast. (Obviously not enough so we didn't get a sunburn, but we just put a little extra cream on our faces, neck and head and we're good to go)

Today, I just caught up on all the emails I just glanced at over the last couple of weeks, generally got my barings and vegged. Laptop on knee, kitty close by, tea within reach... pretty much a pretty relaxing day :-)

Tomorrow I will organize my pictures, and notes and such and try and find the Dutch Group that preserves old breeds, finish my schedule of more studying, setting up my business, networking, marketing etc, as well as chores around the house., and the promised research for the castle.  I'm going to try and study less than the 50 hours a week I have been studying, so I have time for my best friend, the fuzzy roommate and family and friends and still have a couple of hours to sleep at night....This requires careful planning, and sticking to it. We DID decide that we want to take a couple of days and do fun stuff. One day to the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam to see the Nightwatch, and if we have time, the 17th century 3master ship that's anchored in the harbor, one day to The Hague, to see the architecture, and eat a maatjes haring on the pier (mike, not me... YUCK!), one day to the Roman ship in Utrecht and the old fort that is rebuilt there, and if I can slip it in there, one day to a zoo we haven't been to yet :-)  We got word that the castle will be closed for winter this year, so I may actually get the house decorated for the holidays, and some scrapping done thru november/december..... Although I WILL miss going to the castle and hanging out!

Thursday I will start the day with going to Maastricht at 7AM for a meet and greet/networking event, and after that, I will have to break down, and go pick up my phone. LOL, followed by a tourguide meeting at the castle at 7.30PM. No plans for Friday or Saturday yet, and Sunday is marked in my dayrunner as "First day of the new ME!"

Well, I think you know just about everything that's been keeping my mind in frenzy... I will try and keep you posted on the proceedings a little more regularly, but for now, I'm going to say... Goodnight, and don't forget to hug that loved one! :-)


Friday, July 1, 2016

Just to prove....

that you can pretty much do ANYTHING with a KA and make it look good. LOL.

My brain needed a break from learning, so I went looking for KA-stuff. Actually, I needed an air intake valve, but this was way more fun..... I came across one, and searched for more, and more I found. Don't ask me who they belong to, because I blatantly, just downloaded and moved on. All I can say for sure, is that they're NOT my pictures!

Study is going... not great, not really rotten, but going. One more week, and than I have to turn in my exam, and than another 6 weeks until I hear the result. Meanwhile, I'll be spending the first week after exams, catching up on the house. I'll bet there's a whole extra kitty under the bed, and in corners that are hard to reach by now. The windows need cleaning, although, with the wind/rain combo we've been having, I'm not sure it will do any good, but they're on the schedule, so they're getting done. The  top of the books in the bookcase have a thick layer of dust on them, which goes against everything I believe in. (Books need to be taken out of the bookcase and dusted atleast once every other month, and preferably every month.) I picked one up the other day, and got a sneezing-fit. That just won't do, so that's going on the list as well.... And than there's the kitchen cabinets, and .... and..... You get the picture? :-)

The day after the exam, I'm taking the day semi-off. There's an old breed exhibit in the Open Air Museum in Bokrijk, about 45 minutes away, and I offered to do the research for our pettingfarm, so as a streetch, you could say that I'll be working, but it will be so much fun!  I miss going to the castle, and was actually a little bummed when I found out that the exhibit was on my first day "back", and I would have to bail the castle in favor of it. But it really didn't last all that long! LOL. Mike promised to take the day off. A rarity for a Sunday, because they're always short staffed, and he actually starts his vacations the day after, and ends his vacation the day before, so he doesn't inconvenience anybody....... So that's when I realized that he missed me :-) Cool, right!?

Coming week, I'm going to hide out at my sisters, so I can concentrate on my study. It's a lot harder than it should be, navigating between a fuzzy roommate that has no idea why you're not "available" when he needs you to be, while you're sitting "right there" and Mikes schedule of work and doctor appointments.... Add to that, that the books OR the teacher are no help at all in learning what you need to, and you know what I'm worried about. It was kinda funny though. My sister apologized for having to work, and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I preferred it that way... I can study 10 hours, uninterrupted, and at night, when she's home, we can catch up and relax, sounds like heaven to me!

Well, now that you're updated on the going on, I'll show you the pictures that started this note.....

Have a wonderful 4th of July, pray for the soldiers that are not home so we can celebrate and for the ones that paid the ultimate price for our freedom........ (I know it's Independence Day, but I can't help but think of the men and women that are not home to celebrate it with us)

Don't forget to hug a loved one?

Love and hugs!

The friendliest looking police car I can think of.....

I bet this guy had a "mudwhompin' good time"! LOL. (Wish it was me....)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

UPdates :-)

Hi all,

The first hurdle is taken. I passed the first part of the course that will give me a new lease on a career. The second half is a bearcat (the family friendly version of what I think of it) Really, it is an extension of the quagmire of the first half, but it has more of an impact on studying. Imagine this: You sign up for a a course of 6 months, with a minimum of 20 hours of homework per week, it gets scrunched into 4 months, you get an "online learning part" that only gives instructions on what to read, textbooks that refer to chapters that aren't provided in the material, a teacher that will not respond and instructions within the textbooks that are wrong.... and all this, with subjectmatter you're trying to learn. Needless to say, I don't sleep much these days, and google search is my bestest buddy!

I'm thankful for Mike, he's putting up with cooking when he gets home, most days, because I haven't come up for air since sitting down to study when he left that morning, my family and friends that stick to "no contact" between the hours of 6AM and 8PM, and fellow students that DO respond to questions, and actively try to help eachother, because, except for the guy that has been doing this for a  living, we're all in the same boat. July 9th is the last exam, the 10th I will return to doing tours at the castle and July 11, I will spend some quality time at the zoo. In front of the gate when they open up at 10AM, and leaving when they close (Or a little after, to enjoy the peace and quiet around the wolverine paddock, and barring being recognized as "that one that always stretches leaving" and being herded out with the rest of the visitors. LOL)

After which time, I will start setting up my business as a webdesigner, and practice as if my livelyhood depended on it...... :-0

Last Sunday, I took the day off, and we went to Waalwijk, to the Dutch KA group meet. There were severe thunderstorms in the forcast, and we drove up there in a deluge. We couldn't see more than about 2 carlengths ahead at some point, and were seriously questioning our sanity but it was fun. When we got there a total of 21 KA's were in the lot, and we were the only red one. Both older models like ours, and the newer ones were there. People were friendly to us "newcomers" but you could tell, they'd been getting together for a good while, by the conversations you'd catch here and there. Hopefully, we can go next year as well, and do the pokerrun as well. About 20 minutes before we got there, it dried up, and stayed dry the rest of the day, so that was cool.  I stole a couple of pictures of the KA groups facebookpage, but this is my favorite :-)
Our little rucksack at it's first meet........ AWWWW!  LOL.

Picture by Annemarie Kuijt from facebook

Well, you're caught up with what's been going on here....... obviously, not much :-) but I thought I'd let you know that I'm still around and kicking (and occasionally headbutting the walls) and doing fine.

Talk soon, and in the meantime.... Don't forget to hug a loved one?


Monday, May 2, 2016

One down..........

at least one to go!

Handed in my exam project in Saturday, with 12 hours to spare. LOL.
I did not think I would make it.... I had coded, built and double checked the website to be turned in, changed one little thing....... and broke it!
I tried frantically on Friday night to figure out what I had done and how to fix it, when finally at 2AM I figured.... F-this and I started over. I STILL have not figured out what happened but I got it mended. I cursory checked for typos, completely blew past the grammar, because my Dutch is not really great on a good day, and it gets worse as stress sets in, so I had NO illusion that I would even recognize it if  it was completely backwards. LOL. Blissfully, content is not judged, coding and functionality are, and I think I'm good there.... I won't know for another 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, I went to the castle yesterday.... It was GOOD to be home -) A couple of ours, and lots of new things to discover. The building crew has been busy this last month. Access to the cellar is complete, the garden is all but planted, the water tortoises have awakened from their winter rest and we have goslings....... 3, out of 5 nests with 3 to 5 eggs each. I was told that the nests were checked, and all but the eggs that hatched (nest is under the bridge, surrounded by water) were opened up and emptied. So we're thinking fox, weasel or badger maybe...

And this morning, reality hit, as I started on the second leg of this re-schooling journey, 8 chapters  totalling 263 pages, with 4 exercises each plus 6 extra exercises and 10 days to get them done in.....
Can you say "allnighters"?   I had purposely NOT looked at the books, the lessons or anything related to the second half of the course, because I knew it would take my focus away from the exam, so I sat down this morning to do the planning until next trip to Utrecht. Did I tell you that instead of going to school closer to home, as signed up for,  I'm actually 20 minutes farther away? Only 3.5 hour by train, but still "reasonably accessible by public transport, according to the school...  I must be unreasonable, but I'm taking the car, and be there in 2 hours, thank you very much :-)

Well, break is over, time to get back to work. Just wanted to sit and chat for a bit. Seems like I've neglected everybody these past couple of months, and I think I will for the next few, as well.... So, think of me, bent over the computer, with a HUGE cup of coffee in my hand,  freaked out beyond reason (but enjoying the crap out of it at the same time) for the next 9 weeks, while you enjoy being outside, in nice weather, visiting. Don't feel too sorry for me though! I get to "go out" to the castle on most Sundays and have the prospect of making a living soon...

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Still there?

Good! Thanks for not giving up on me..... I had no clue it had been this long since I visited! I'm having a blast, just no time to breathe.... I broke down, and cancelled doing tours at the castle for the month of April, so I can concentrate on my exam piece. YES it has been that long! The first part of school is already over with, and I have to have my exam piece turned in by April 30th. After that, back to the books, with the first class being scheduled for May 14th, and final exam on July 9th..... After that, I'm SO going to spend a day at the zoo!

There has been some fun stuff going on here as well. I won a hotair balloon ride! I did my research, and it is the going consensus that if you are able to enjoy an airplane ride, you will have absolutely no problem riding in a balloon.... So, scared of heights or not...... I absolutely loved being up in the air in a cessna  airplane, and I decided that I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the scenery! There is no date set yet, I guess they want to make sure that there's no high winds, and no chance of thunderstorms before they put us in a basket a couple of hundred feet in the air...... I think I like that idea. My sister said that if I know in time, she'll come take pictures! So cool. I'll need proof that I actually went up, but if I have Mike take pictures of the me in the basket, I will have no camera while I'm in the air.... Sister to the rescue! LOL.

And I went away with my sister for a couple of days after the last class. Last years birthday present and we finally managed to synchronize dayrunners.  Actually her smartphone and my dayrunner. LOL. Saturday Mike dropped me off after class, Sunday I made a plan of attack and did a little prework and Monday morning, we left for the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. We saw elk, bighorn sheep en lots of trees LOL. We had a ball. The next day we went to the hunting palace of the Royal Family Het Loo. We had a tour, that was supposed to last 1 hour, but we spend a little more than 2. There was so much to see,  and once the lady figured out I did tours as well, she REALLY told us everything she could think of... but by the time we were done with the tour there was no time to go back around and look at everything at leisure, so we'll have to go back, and do that some other time. It really is nice to get the inside information, because you notice things you might have missed, but than there is also a lot you see, but don't have time to really look at..... If I can talk Mike into going away for a day, or maybe even 2, the second half of December, they'll have the house decorated like they did Brucemore in Cedar Rapids.... It will be so impressive! (and I'll have so many ideas on how to do things around the house, it will drive Mike nuts..... which will be not so good) But it will have my Christmas Spirit recharged for a couple of years, for sure :-) Wednesday before we had to go home, we visited Ouwehand Zoo. IT WAS SO COOL!!! They have a polarbear tank where you can be at eye level, and at eyelevel I got!  I was standing right at the window, when I noticed there were heavy waves and I figured one of the bears got in the water.... You can imagine my surprise when at the end of that though I saw a head pop up right at the other side of the glass........ I couldn't believe my eyes!  Lucky for me, my sister saw him coming and made pictures. He did this twice!  After I'm done with school, I will take a week of catching up on the fun stuff and some chores before getting into the business of "getting into business" with writing a business plan, getting a licence to BE in business and all the other good stuff...... but I'm pretty sure you'll see the pictures come by.....

Well, it's eleven o'clock, and the mechanical alarm is set to go off at 5, but more likely the fuzzy alarm will go off around 3, so I best try and get at least a nap in before that happens. I'll try and get in touch in a week or so, but I can't promise I'll make it.

Well, it is "good night" for me. Don't forget to hug that loved one?!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Couldn't believe my eyes....

in a good way. LOL

I was studying yesterday, and while on break, I did what I do, about once a week.... I googled Slot Schaesberg. Normally, I see our website come by, the weather, information on the town and what have you, but yesterday I saw something awesome.

I added the link here and hope you go watch it. It starts with a couple of pictures of the castle, followed by a 3D walkthrough. I have no idea if this gentleman has ever been to the castle, but I can imagine it looking like that again, within our lifetime...... I hope he makes a rendering of the castle part as well. We have no pictures of the interior, but it would be cool to "walk thru" it....

Well, it's time for me to hit the books. First class is Saturday, and I have about 60 hours to study..... I finished the first lesson within my schedule, and actually started on my second lesson a day early, but I'm having a whale of a time with it. All my computer knowledge, I learned in English, the class is in Dutch and I have to say, some of the translations on the terms they used make no sense to me. I know it is probably a "personal thing", but it does slow down the thinking process, quite a bit. LOL.

Stay warm, or cool, depending on which side of this marble you're on, and don't forget to hug a loved one?


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hi all,

I know, I've been telling you a lot about the castle, but today, I could use a little help.

Our national tourist board, ANWB is holding a poll as to the most "maatschappelijk uitje" project. Translated, this means the project that brings the most to the community, be it historical/fun/tourists etc.  The prize will be a year long advertising on their website. This is HUGE! We would be able to use part of the budget we have slated for advertising, and put it towards the building!  Plus there will be some advertising done in their stores, and I counted 76 stores on their website this morning..... THAT is a lot of exposure!!!

I want to ask, if you would look at the Castle site
Than look at the ANWB site

I hope you vote for us, of course, but if you see something that you think better suited... Lets just say, vote with your heart :-) 

Well, I hope this found you in good health and spirit.... It's been raining here for near a week, so the days are a bit grey here, but the spirits keep being lifted by a fuzzy but on my lap, as soon as the other end of me hits the couch LOL!  

Don't forget to hug a loved one, stay warm, or cool depending what part of this marble you're on, and I will sit down and talk to you soon. PROMISE! 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's been quite a week!

I wish I could put this post in columns, so I wouldn't have to decide which news is more important to tell. LOL.

Oh what the heck! This is too big to do second.  
The Castle received almost 800 000Euro's from the lottery! Once a year the lottery assigns part of their proceeds to "good causes". Now every one at the castle knows that we are the best cause, but we weren't sure the committee divvying up the money would think the same way, THEY DID!!!!
this means so much! We can start building the Gatehouse and bridge this spring!! This one act, gives me project so much momentum. It will enhance the experience for our visitors, it will give the whole place a new look and WE WILL BE BUILDING!!! Well........ first we wil have to get going on the archeology, which means I will be digging in the dirt, as long as it is not before April 30th.... (second part of the news) After the archeology, and brainstorming/deciding on the best course of action on building the foundation, the building will start. There are plans in place, of simultaneously building the building and the tower roof. The roof will be built and dry-fitted on the square, taken apart and put beam by beam on top of the tower, when it's done...... If I wasn't hurting so bad I would be dancing right now...... 

What seemed so cool at the beginning of the week, seems kinda "ladeedah" after the news on the castle, but it's important and frustrating enough to let you know about it.
I was to do a professional web designer course in Eindhoven (1 hour by train) but I didn't hear anything and about 2 weeks ago, the first part of the information on the course dissappeared from my account, so I started emailing...... no answer, new email no answer, new email. Finally last Friday I heard back.... Course was cancelled due to not enough students signing up and I now had 3 options.
1) wait till september, and hope it would go thru      2) go to Utrecht on Saturday, instead of on a weekday   or 3) do the whole thing online.

I considered waiting till September, but I really want/need to get going on this, plus, if in September it turns out that there's not enough students, I'll end up going to Utrecht anyway, plus it will be winter. With a 3 hour one way travel schedule, I don't want to do it if there is the slightest chance that they'll cancel trains due to frost or snow on the tracks. The 3rd option wasn't really an option at all. I will need the face-to-face interaction on this one! So February 27, I'll be on the first train out of town at 6.40, an make class with about10 minutes to spare. I don't know who figured that having a class that has 3 different busses after you get off the train at the main station is a good idea, but when they said "accessible by public transit" that was not coming up as an option in my brain..... I thought about going by car, but they have 7 parking spaces in front of the building and 21 rules and regulations as to where not to park in the area with a footnote that there is a bigger parkinglot about 20 minute walk away...... (The nearest busstop is only 12 minutes....) But, all this means that I'll be leaving the house at 6AM, and re-enter at 10PM....... thank god it's only 6 classes!  
I checked today, and found another surprise...... The 6 month course, will take 4! YAY! I wonder if the 20 to 30 hour homework took in account that they're shortening the time, or if that was geared towards the 6 month timeframe.... We'll see. I'm still excited to do this, but I'm getting a whole new level of panic attacks!

It's 1.30AM here, so I think I'm going to see if my bed is as comfortable as I remember, but I wanted to share the good news with you.

Don't forget to hugs that loved one!  

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi there,

I just received an email from a friend, with cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, in various positions, on various, previously never considered to be comfortable snuggle-spots.....and some really inventive ones too :-)

The other day it was about 20 degrees fahrenheit here, and our fuzzybutt wanted to go for his usual after-nap-walk, so I put him in his harness, snapped the leash on him, grabbed the keys and trotted outside........ only to be pulled off my feet by a fuzzy cream colored lightning bolt, trying his darnedest to get back inside. LOL. I had warned him, but would he listen? NAH!

In explanation of the next bit, I have to tell you something. The computer sits on the dining table, next to a small bookcase which houses the printer, dictionaries and some other books, on top of which, is our desk lamp. Next to the computer on the table, under the desklamp is one of Perky's beds....... (Can you see where this is going? LOL)  I've never laughed so hard in my life. After I got his harness off again (I think it was a record in time that he had it on before it came back off) and opened the door from the hallway to the living room he leaped!  He never touched the table, sailed right over it, into his bed and was cosying up to the desklamp as best he could in one move!
The picture is taken on one of his more sedate moments, but it is quite fun when you're working, and one of his paws reaches out, touches your hand, and dissappears back into the basket :-)

Some of the pictures from the email are:  (Actually, it's all of them, they're so darn cute!)

See what I mean?
Nothing to tell on the news front, I was just hoping ease you into the week, and maybe make you smile :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one?

Friday, January 1, 2016


Have you survived the "changing of the year" ok?  Did you make it till midnight? :-)

Although we weren't able to last till midnight for some years, while living in the US, we have a whole new reason to stay up here..... Fireworks started at 2 PM New Years Eve, and it was still going around 10 this morning..... Perky was in a state. Not flying around the house like he did the first year we were here, but he was definitely trying to get under and in places, we all knew he wouldn't fit, so we stayed up with him. Mike called it good around 12.30, I went and took a nap around 6 this morning. Right now, the little fuzzybutt is laying on the back of the couch, his head on my shoulder, gently snoring and all together too tired to care...... We're good for another 364 days.

We have no plans for the day, no "list" of things we want to do in the coming year, we just want to "do better" in a lot of different departments of our life, as I'm sure do a lot of people. If you watch the news, be it national or international.... there's crap of different proportions going on everywhere, and it's hard not to get gloomy over it. Knowing that that state of mind does nothing to improve the situation, does not seem to change it though.

Just saying HI and apologize if it sounded like I would hiss if anybody wanted contact :-)  Nothing of the kind will happen. I wouldn't want it that way. I think it was more of a "thinking out loud" to keep a close eye on priorities for the next year. To make a plan and work things out around it, instead of adjusting the plan. LOL.

Kitty moved from the back of the couch and wormed himself under the computer and it's starting to get very tiresome to keep the laptop off the lapkitty, so I'll be on my way. I hope this year will bring you all you need, and nothing you don't.

Don't forget to hug a loved one?